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Takashima Kanamonoten

Flat teapotes Bake tea

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Tea is a tea teasing to put the green tea from the tea bowl and put it in a bowl.
It is treated as a medicine tablet from the beginning in China, and it is also said that it is a separate name "leaves of salmon",
The point of the root was spherical for the purpose of crushing the medicine and crushing the medicine.

Such medicine tablet was used for green tea before the tea hot water holds.
However, at the end of the Muromachi era, the tuna leaf tea in the tuna may hurt the bowl
In the thick shape, it became difficult to go to tea from the small chopsticks of the mouth.
Therefore, it is the art that was made into a shape that meets the conditions, making the conventional medicine tablet

Many tea people make a lot of handmade bamboo tea together with the times,
In accordance with this, the interest in the shaping of the peaven.
Today, a variety of tea poulters to enjoy the "shaped taste" were made.

■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: bamboo