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Takashima Kanamonoten

Floating double-sided board [medium / 41 cm]

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Size: Approximately 41x24x3cm (approximately 700 g) Mounting a rounded bar on both sides, floating a cutting board, so when you want to cook fish, meat and vegetables quickly because the lower surface of the cutting board does not touch directly. You can turn it over and use it as it is.
It is clean because neither side does not touch the cooking table. It became anti-warp that attached a crossing, and it became difficult to roll and fall.
☆Easy to use (middle) size joins.
☆Hinoming is excellent in strength, water resistance, antibacterial properties. Also, it is also a relatively light material. The ability to handle as a cutting board is also attractive.
☆(Large) can also be used to pass to the sink. (There is also a sink that does not fit)
☆You can stand independently (water cut and convenient for drying).
☆Have a gift for kitchen miscellaneous goods.

■ Production location: Japan
■ Materials and ingredients: Hinoki
■ Package: Boxed