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Takashima Kanamonoten

Chiasanoma board wow l

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Size S: Approximately 7.5x15xH1.6 cm

It is not enough to use a large board,
His small board convenient for cuts such as a little sour taste and vegetables.

☆Of course, it can be crushed with the ingredients with each other.

☆It is convenient to use as a strong smell, such as the taste.

☆Single sides are sanded and it also makes it possible to use it.

☆Drying and storage after washing do not take place.

☆Even if it is small, there is a thickness that has balanced and can be used stably.

☆Hinoki materials and comic materials are also well-maintained with strength and durability.

☆Natural feeling, chicken with a cutting board.
A slightly chic color, a cutting board with a cutting board.
Please choose according to your preference

■ Production location: Japan
■ Materials and ingredients: Kurumi
The photo is a large size of dark color.