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Takashima Kanamonoten

Fashionable Shopping Cart Dark Brown

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Fashionable Shopping Cart
Jacquard fabric use
Removal of bag and caster unit can be removed
It is convenient to be able to fold it
Hand-friendly thick handle specification
A fastener pocket is attached behind.
If this happens, every day shopping will be easier
It is a quantity limited product.
Durable weight: about 20 kg
Large Caster Specification with Diameter 16cm
Body size (approx) W34 × D28 × H95 cm
Castor diameter (approx) φ16 cm
Color: D / Brown
Material: Body / Steel, Toride / PP, Tire / PP,
Bag / polyester, bottom side / wood, nylon
Production Country: China
Assembly method
How to assemble
1. Remove the black cap of the stick. (Cap is unnecessary)
2. Insert the caster. Please insert it firmly until you hear it.
3. Attach the bag to the main unit.