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Takashima Kanamonoten

[SIMAX] Heat-resistant Conical Mug 200ml

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Size: diameter 9 cm × height 9 cm
Capacity: 200 ml

"Temperature of drinking" is an important point for the taste.
The sense of people is very sensitive to the season.
I want to drink at the temperature that feels delicious in the season.

The hot things are hot and hot!
Cold things are cold and cold!

At that time, a wide range of heat-resistant glass mugs is optimal.
Pouring a freshly brewed coffee in a mug with plenty of ice
Ice coffee is a staple of hot season!
Lemonade made with boiling hot water is perfect for cold season!
Anytime, the best time ....

■ Production location: Czech Republic
■ Materials and ingredients: Heat resistant glass