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Takashima Kanamonoten

[Heat-resistant pottery] Shinzen rice cake 6

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[Made in Japan] Diameter 25 cm × height 12 cm
■ Safety and security: lead-cadmium test.
※ This product is not IH compatible.

Master-Yaki (Bankayaki) is one of the ceramics and baked things
It is classified as a semimagnetic with the nature between pottery and porcelain.

It is a typical industry of Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture,
It is designated as traditional crafts from Showa 54.
There are create burning in the Hashikoku District and Shanghage area in Yokkaichi.
It is said that it is excellent in heat resistance, the rapid potato and pot of the purple mud utilizing its features, and the domestic share of the pot.
In addition, it is also famous for mosquito "mosquito pig" which makes a pig.