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Takashima Kanamonoten

Glasses magnifying mirror that can be put from above glasses

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● Product size: about 170 x 165 x 50mm ● Product weight: about 42 g

If you have a magnifying glass, you're difficult to work with one hand alone. If it is a stand type, both hands can be used, but it is difficult to move the magnifying glass. By hooking like glasses, their annoyance is eliminated, and it is easy to work and easy to work. When reading a book or newspaper. When you want to use both hands such as sewing and handicrafts. When working with smartphone and mobile phone. Male and women and all clear specifications. Even those who usually do not wear glasses are also available. With storage bags that are convenient for mobile!

■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Lens / acrylic resin, frame / tip / polycarbonate, side lens / polycarbonate, storage bag / 100% polyester