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Takashima Kanamonoten

Diamond Light Frying Pan 28cm (DR-7398)

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Product size: about 498 × 291 × 95 mm Weight: about 650 g

Light and durable "lightweight aluminum die cast".
It is less likely to be deformed and less likely to be deformed, and it is easy to handle.
The outer surface is a cutting design to image diamond.
Because there is no convex part of the bracket, it is easy to get stain and easy to clean.
The inner surface is difficult to rub and has a 4-layer coat "diamond coat" special fluorine resin excellent in wear resistance. (Abrasion resistant test 200,000 times clear)
Metal speech can also be used.
※ Please use sharp tools, such as square spinning metal splashes.

※ Gas fire only

■ Production area: Korea
■ Materials and components: Body / aluminum die casting (bottom thickness 2.1 mm) inner surface / fluorine resin processing (diamond coat) outer surface / baked coating