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Takashima Kanamonoten

Only the energy saving warming sheet 3 tatami

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Just lay under the hot carpet / kotatsu!
Substantaneous up without missing heat!
○ Thermally reflective aluminum evaporation film (surface) Do not miss the heat down, prevent cold air from the floor with a foamed polyethylene layer (back surface) with thermal insulation and improve the heat retention.
○ Since the temperature of the heating device can be reduced quickly, the heat retention effect is also excellent (see test data), the temperature of the heating device can be reduced, so it will be saved by electricity.
○ Since the aluminum vapor deposition film surface (surface) is slipped, it prevents the shift of the hot carpet and kotatsu laying on the above.
○ You can cut freely with scissors etc.

Product size (approx): 240x180 cm
Thickness (approx): 2 mm
Material: polyester (aluminum vapor deposition), polyethylene