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Takashima Kanamonoten

Lease aluminum wheat teaker 3.0 L

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○ A deep-sized tea chopstick amber with a convenient use of tea.
○ Since it is made of aluminum, it is excellent in thermal efficiency, light and easy to handle
○ Since the surface is treated with a thin alumite coating (alumite processed), it is difficult to oxidize and corrode, and lifting gloss

Product Details
Producing area

Product size (approx): Width 265x depth 195x height 225 mm
Bottom thickness: 1.0mm
Product weight (approx): 470 g
Money volume: 3.0 L
Proper capacity (approx): 2.0L
Body, lid: Aluminum alloy (alumite process)
Tea kid: stainless steel
Handle / knob: Phenol resin (heat resistance temperature 150 degrees)