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Takashima Kanamonoten

[Five Customer Hot Win] Kimura Mikumi Five Customer Yuki Kimura Work 120cc 5 Customers

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Size: diameter 8.5 cm × height 6 cm
Capacity: 120 cc
■ Capacity is 80% in full water.

■ Production area: Monto (Japan)
■ Materials and ingredients: pottery
■ Safety and security: lead and cadmium test result.

It is a set of 5 customers who are useful for business and visitor.

A wide variety of baked bottles "Beauty-sake" produced in Gifu Prefecture and Higashi Miki.
Money burns supported by long history and tradition are
Production of dishes accounts for about 60% of the national share,
It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese baked food is representative.

Baked food that is used casually in everyday life and disseminated before not knowing.
That is "Beauty Sanaki".

The history of beauty dense is old and back to over 1300 years ago.
At first, the technology of Subector was transmitted from the Korean peninsula.
When it became a Heian period (10 centuries), it was shame called white
The pottery is now baked.
This white 瓷 improves the Substator and uses glaze.
From this time, the number of kiles also increased, and it became a full-fledged baked product.

From the Yasuyama period to the early Edo period, with the trend of tea
A baked product was produced reflecting tea person preferences.

In the early Showau early demand, demand for luxury products, and technology
Improved significantly. Gas of heavy oil and shuttle from the carbel also
At the same time as it evolves to the tunnel furnace and the roller herm kiln,
Improving yields-Connect to product homogenization and mass production.

Fortunately, it is not seen in the war, and the Minabe that won the many recessions is
Now I am overwhelmingly the most ready production of Japan.
Western dishes are about 51% of domestic production, about 58% of Japanese dishes and about 41% tile.
The majority of dishes used in so-called Japan are occupied by Mino-Yaki.