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Takashima Kanamonoten

Trekking Stick STICK Silver

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Size · Shortest 65 cm Up to 134 cm Adjustable

Support "walk" with functional trekking type
· Mountain climbing

Adjustable length according to hand and application with convenient memory
Up to 134 cm! !

The handle is easy to grip stock type
With a strap that can be adjusted

Protective cap / Basket installation
Adjustable up to 65 cm to up to 134 cm
With convenient memory
Ishiki is with a removable protective cap (made by rubber)
Anti-shock spring built-in anti-shock spring that relieves burden on use! ON / OFF switchable with one touch
Removable basket that can change specifications depending on the ground conditions

Travel, Travel

■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Aluminum