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Takashima Kanamonoten

[Heat-resistant pottery] Yamaguchi all-in-one oven Yamaguchi black

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Size · 26 cm × 19.5 cm × height 14 cm

If there is this one, you can do various dishes!
It is convenient to be very convenient for range, oven and direct fire.

All-in-one, all-in-one.
Steamed dishes · Curry · juice · A lid can also be boiled hamburger!
An excellent thing that can be done with one pot. I play a big success in the multi.

Master-Yaki (Bankayaki) is one of the ceramics and baked things
It has a feature that is excellent in heat resistance.
It is classified as a semimagnetic with the nature between pottery and porcelain.

It is a typical industry of Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture,
It is designated as traditional crafts from Showa 54.
The purple mud flap and pot is famous, which utilized the features of the heat resistance,
Especially, domestic share of the pot is said to account for 7.8%.
It is also famous for mosquito "mosquito pig" which makes a pig.
There are create burning in the Hashikoku District and Shanghage area in Yokkaichi.
■ Production site: all-day-old (Japan)
■ Materials and ingredients: pottery
■ Safety and security: lead-cadmium test result