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Takashima Kanamonoten

Morning [Heat-resistant pottery / pottery] Tomisen black dolly yeah pot Tomi Sendo work

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Size, diameter 27 cm × height 15 cm

Hey, ... As you know, Nagoya dialect
Yeah means "good (good)".
This pot is "a very good" pot.

"Cook", "Steaming" and "Boiled" "Bake" can be all in this pot.
Endolva / steaming plate for dolphors and plates.

Everybody Yeah Feature
● It is a product that is strongly developed by the heat-resistant material.
● Due to the nature of absorbing moisturizing effects and moisture of pottery,
Other cookers can enjoy their own taste that can not be tasted.
● Heat resistant test 1,000 pass

"Delicious to cook rice in a pot"
It is said that it is commonplace,
Modern man using a rice cooker for convenience.
"Hey yeah pot" can be used with gas stoves
"Start Chorochoro, Medium Pappa ..."
You can easily adjust the old-fashioned fire!
Delicious rice that can only be put out in the pot. You may not need to do it!?

Not only the lid for cooking, but also a plate for steaming dishes such as shumai,
A grilled cuisine grilled cuisine such as baked salmon is also set.

■ Production site: Tokoname (Japan)
■ Materials and ingredients: pottery
■ Safety and security: lead and cadmium test result.