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Takashima Kanamonoten

Stainless steel duvet dryer 4 sheets · SFW-40R [clothesline stainless steel]

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● It is a durable and rusty stainless steel pipe specification with a 25 mm stainless steel pipe specification.
● Since it is difficult to fall down, it can be dried safely with a sense of stability.
● The horns are round and futon are designed.
● If not used, you can fold it compactly and store it. SFW-40R

[Product size (about mm)] W2380 × D- × H1150

[Product weight (G)] 7700

【Package size (about mm)】 W1290 × D205 × H145

● The amount of dried (indication) 4 futons
■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Stainless steel pipe, polypropylene