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Takashima Kanamonoten

【Kutaniyaki】 No. 10 Healthy Steamed pot with 4 people to 5 people

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Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification Traditional Crafts and Kutani. Sell ​​the world as Japan Kutani and enjoy the name of the world as Japan Kutani, and enjoy the color paintings of the color paintings stored in the famous Museum of Art, such as British and Louvre.

[Feature] Handmade handwriting of the 10th Coupled pot. It is a collaboration project with handmade neat pot of Honpan Iga. It comes with pottery made of pottery, and it is possible to enjoy hot water, steamed pots, removing a normal pot. Makoto Makoto Fumings, Traditional Ceremony Fukuda. Standard as a flower that represents winter. It is characterized by making it thicker because it is exhausted from the first winter to spring tips, the best pattern for the season of the pot, and the handmade of pottery absorbs moisture than the porcelain. In addition, we use 50% of petalite, so we have heat resistance and weight. Handwritten painting shows a tough and cute floral pattern. [Upper painting] Kutani Senba [Such a time! ] As a gift or gift, it is also pleased as a presentation, a gift, a celebration, a baby baby, a 60th annual festival, a day of the old age, and the day of the elderly.
Size: diameter 30.5 × 192.5 cm

■ Production location: Japan

■ Materials and ingredients: lid, pan: pottery