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Takashima Kanamonoten

[Kutanoyaki] 9th of the 5th people of the 9th King

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[[Features] Handmade handwriting 9 of the pussy. It is a collaboration project with Handmade lid of Kitani Kazuo and handmade naked pot. Marisun work. MARISUN production that produces a wonderful space in Gotani of Kutani. It is a mysterious pattern that the Islamic king travels with a car dedicated to the desert. It is characterized by making it thicker because it absorbs moisture compared to porcelain. In addition, we use 50% of petalite, so we have heat resistance and weight. Handwritten painting shows a tough and cute pattern. [Upper painting] Marisun [When this time! ] As a gift or gift, it is also pleased as a presentation, a gift, a celebration, a baby baby, a 60th annual festival, a day of the old age, and the day of the elderly.
Size: Diameter 29 × height 14 cm
■ Production location: Japan
■ Materials and ingredients: lid, pan: pottery