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Takashima Kanamonoten

[Kutanoyaki] 9th Tsubaki Tree rice 4 to 5 people

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[Features] Handmade handwriting 9 of the pussy. It is a collaboration project with Handmade lid of Kitani Kazuo and handmade naked pot. Flower crab. One of Kutani's history, it is a pattern of wood. In the late Edo period, Kaga will invite Kyoto's Aoki rice, and the painting begins. It is characterized by making it thicker because it absorbs moisture compared to porcelain. In addition, we use 50% of petalite, so we have heat resistance and weight. Handwritten paintings are soft and a cute wrapping vessel. [Upper painting] Hanakigani [Such a time! ] As a gift or gift, it is also pleased as a presentation, a gift, a celebration, a baby baby, a 60th annual festival, a day of the old age, and the day of the elderly.
Size: Diameter 29 × height 14 cm
■ Production location: Japan
■ Materials and ingredients: lid, pan: pottery