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Takashima Kanamonoten

NEW Luxury Pulcan Blue Diamond IH Compatible Glass Lid with Glass Lid 28 cm

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Powerful coating 3 layers! Blue Diamond Court! You can put a vegetable chopsticks on the fids.
Product size (approx): W330xD290XH140mm (not included)

Dimensions: 28 cm

Mountain water volume (approx): 3.7 L

Bonding (approx): 2.6 mm
Body: Aluminum alloy
Bottom: Stainless steel (Chrome 12%)
Surface processing (inner surface: fluorine resin coating film processing outer surface: baked coating)
Tsuru: iron (epoxy resin coating)
Product name: reinforced glass instrument
Type of strengthening: Full physical strengthening
Metal part: stainless steel
Snacks: phenol resin (heat resistance temperature 150 degrees)
Tsumami seatboard: nylon (heat resistance temperature 180 degrees)

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