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Takashima Kanamonoten

For Yutapono and shoulders in the range

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I can use it immediately! !
Just tin in the microwave, comfortable warmth!

There is no need to prepare hot water like hot water.

● The warm and soft gel wraps the neck and shoulders gently

● The warmth will last about 30 minutes.
(Duration time differs depending on room temperature and operating environment.)

● It is with a private cover with a wash-washed material.
● You can use repeatedly.

Pixel size: 159x206x62mm

Pixel weight: about 663 g

Internal volume: 1 piece

Case size: 34x22.5x34 cm

Case weight: 7.1kg

Body ... Japan
Cover ... China

Neck and shoulders warm

[Size around the neck]
50 cm

Water, gelling agent, dye

【Cover material】