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Takashima Kanamonoten

Normal smooth [Thana furnace] Tomisho Ashikashi Sculpture

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Size, diameter 9.5cm × height 10.5 cm Teki furnace enjoys the aroma that heats the tea leaves.
Make sure to relax your mood with the aromatherapy effect,
It is also effective in deodorizing rooms.
Also, if you delete the light of the room, it is fantastic with the light of candle
It is a dish that produces an atmosphere and delivers rich moisture for daily life.
Please be at hand as an interior of your room!

Put tea leaves with a cup of teapone on the upper plate,
Place the ignition candle from the horizontal hole and place it at the center of the main unit.

After a while, good smells of roasting tea leaves come up.

■ Production site: Tokoname (Japan)

■ Materials and ingredients: pottery