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Takashima Kanamonoten

Bond Carr (round type) 9 dimensions, 27 cm

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Size / Capacity
7 dimensions: about φ21 cm
9 dimensions: about φ27 cm
1: about φ33 cm
Geomle 5: about φ45 cm
■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Natural bamboo
Order the hand of hand-rolled sushi, and fill soba.
I prepared 4 sizes of the Tools of the tools and useful tools.

It is also perfect for making the sun's blessing hay vegetables.

☆Please also display vegetables, fruits, dry matter etc.

☆It is also ideal for the ingredients of the pot.

※ If the quantity is available, please contact us if the number of inventory is small.
There are things that can be prepared.
※ It is the order part number of the second product from the inside of the photo, 9 and 27 cm. Other sizes are separate models.