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Takashima Kanamonoten

Aluminum Bentore 4: ECO Deli Small Detective S (about 300 ml)

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A long-last time his aluminum lunch box has a size and aligned.
Certainly made in Japan.

It is convenient to use as a kitchen storage container.

☆A strong and easy-to-wash aluminum valve. Aluminum partition is also included.

☆The medium is used for the use of polyethylene and the airtightness is also maintained. (Specifications with lid only)

(※ Heat-resistant temperature 60 ° C, cold resistance temperature -30 ° C)

☆It can be used in a lunch box.

☆The valle bag also contains any aluminum valleys.

(※ Besides, part of the wake valve is possible / not unmatched)

☆The valuable bag is a purse. There is a height and a size that can store two 500 ml of plastic bottle.

☆It is also convenient for picnic supplies and kitchen storage bags.

※ It can not be used with microwave oven and dishwasher.

Size / Capacity

Aluminum dialect

1: Approximately 14x9.5 × H 4.5 cm (about 280 ml)

2: Approximately 15x10.5 x H6 cm (about 440 ml)

3: about 14x11.5 x H4 cm (about 400 ml)

4: Approximately 15x10 × H 3.5 cm (about 300 ml)

5: Approximately φ12.5 × H6.5 cm (about 400 ml)

6: about 17x11 x H5.5 cm (about 620 ml)

Spherical bag

7 to 10: about 26x27.5 cm (13 x 14 cm in Machi)


■ Production area: Aluminum dialect: Japan, Buncher Bag: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Lunch box: Aluminum (alumite process), inner lid: polyethylene (only with inner lid)

Buncher: 100% cotton
※ It is the order part number of photo 4. Other products are separate models.