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Takashima Kanamonoten

Wicker, dressing machine 1 / long-angle

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Size / Capacity
Long-angle: about 54.5 × 38 × H16 cm (bottom inner size: about 45 x 28.5 cm) about 0.5 kg

Positive angle: about 39 × 39 × H 16 cm (bottom inner size: about 31 × 31 cm)

Round: about φ39 × H16 cm (bottom inner size: about φ31 cm)


■ Production site: Vietnam

■ Materials and ingredients: wicker

It is a long-fashioned, natural atmosphere of wicker.

A kind of material feelings will use the atmosphere of the dressing field.

☆He can also use him for storage and displays for displays.

※ It is the order part number of photo 1 / long-angle dressing.
Other products with different forms are also used as reference photos.
You can order at another model.