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Takashima Kanamonoten

Emergency delivery 20-piece set for women [Disaster prevention products] [Emergency bag]

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It is an emergency raid set that is aligned with A4 file size box that can store necessities unique to women.

☆In the office, you can prepare for compact at home.

☆Prepare to maintain disaster prevention awareness.

☆Even if you prepare for the car, it is useful for evacuation and traffic jam.

Emergency-to-bag bag, blanket, face towel, army, ID whistle & carabiner ring, hair rubber 2P (Japan), toothbrush set (Japan), portable toilet 1P, mask / wet tissue (Japan), 5 years preserved water 500 ml (Japan (Japan) · Cotton swab (Thailand) · Cotton swab (Japan) · Campan 100g (Japan) · Solar Dynamo LED Light · Hairbrush · Water Bag 3L (Thailand) · Disposable Cairo (Japan) · Sewing set · Heart of disaster prevention (made in Japan)

■ Size: Emergency bag: about 40 × 34 cm
Package size: about 31 × 24 × 8.5 cm
■ Production location: China
■ Materials and ingredients: Emergence bag: polyester
☆Please contact us if the number is available. Reservation and manufacturer can be ordered.