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Takashima Kanamonoten

Toilet deodorant lemon 400 ml

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Product Features

● "Hikai Bottom" has a strong deodorant of unusual odor.

● Scent revival if she shaba.

Until the end of the liquid, the scent continues.

● Pull the filter paper and adjust the strength of your favorite strength.

● Effective with 400 ml of large capacity.

Applications: for toilets

Internal volume: 400 ml

Component: Amino acid deodorant, perfume, surfactant (nonionic, anion), dye

The scent of the refreshing speech lemon.

·Period of use

It lasts about 1.5 months to 3 months.

(The scent duration is different depending on the puller height and use environment) ※ For special price products, for special price, Okinawa (600), Hokuriku, Tokai (100), Shinsei Kanto (200), Tohoku (300), Hokkaido (700) Additional shipping costs. In the case of parentheses (60 size courier service), additional shipping may apply depending on the number of orders.