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Takashima Kanamonoten

Sahanol SS-1 NV63 alcohol preparation (food additives) with 1000 ml shower pump

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Valid for antivirus measures


1) Reduced speed for virus (within 1 minute)

2) Speed ​​disarmy (within 30 seconds) for food poisoning bacteria

3) It is safe and relieved even if it depends on the food. (All ingredient food additives)

4) There are few alcohol odors and colorless and transparent.

5) Non-dangerous materials on firefighting law There is no restriction of the specified quantity due to the subject matter.


Cooking instruments, refrigerators, dishes, doorknobs and toilet disarpenation and antivirus.

how to use

After washing the surface of the object and removing water, the surface is sprayed to the extent.

99.9999% Virus reduction achieved !!

Capacity 1000ml with shower pump